Melting Pot Music Society
Get ready for the 3rd Annual Festival. A highly flexible and visually diverse music festival like never before seen.
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Melting Pot Music Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help bring about social change through the arts, education, and entertainment..


Coming Together is our theme for the 2016 Melting Pot Music Festival
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Social Change


Social Change does not happen spontaneously it must be created and promoted openly and creatively
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The Melting Pot Music Society is promoting social change through the arts, education, and music
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What are people saying?

93% of festival goers in a 2014 survey said they were more comfortable purchasing from companies connected to a festival.
88% of festival goers in a 2014 survey said they were planning to purchase products from companies present.
Approximately, 0.5 million people attend festivals between the ages of 18 and 45.

The Framework

The theme for the 2018 Melting Pot Music Festival is “We are going to come together.” Our community has a great mix of varying ethnicities, cultures, and ultra-talented individuals. We believe that we can all be celebrated and exist peacefully in an upbeat, safe, and energetic atmosphere.

Why Melting Pot Music Society?

Your generous donation will help change lives. Please consider sponsorship or individual contributions.
Soundstage Sponsor
The soundstage is both fun and necessary to make the festival successful and allows a viral marketing presence.
Instrument Petting Zoo Sponsor
The instrument Petting Zoo will allow children to have a blast trying out and playing with a variety of instruments during the festival.
Kids Fun Zone Sponsor
The Kids Fun Zone will allow children to have a blast playing inside of bouncy houses with a community of their closest friends!
Artists Row Sponsor
Artist Row Sponsors want to do everything possible to keep the local performing arts community and music culture moving forward!